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Development, Acquisition & Divestitures

Improve asset decision-making, boosting capital and investment efficiency with a clear technical and economic framework.

Voronoi Polygons

Create non-overlapping closed polygons around each well encompassing the acreage closest to that well and any offsets. This process generates a first pass estimate of drainage areas, lateral/well spacings at the time the well began to produce, lateral/well spacing as of today, and a great mapping feature that can be color-filled with any signal in PetroVisor.


A Simplified Approach To Performance Monitoring


to all disparate data sources regardless of type or location


all related data in a single, unified data layer for consistent answers


data and analytics in real-time with machine learning

Dev Acq Div 2022


Development, Acquisition & Divestitures

Development planning and A&D analysis are difficult jobs that require collaboration across several skill sets. When changing commodity prices, uncertainties in capital costs, operating costs, production forecasts, and developing technologies are factored in, the process becomes nearly impossible; companies frequently sacrifice technical quality in order to provide findings in timeframes relevant to decision-makers.

PetroVisor's Development and Acquisitions & Divestitures App addresses this issue. This app, which is native to the PetroVisor Platform, produces high-quality results at record speed. We integrate data analytics, engineering, economics, uncertainty analysis, and machine learning in tried-and-true procedures that allow engineers and geologists to use their time wisely, focusing on analysis and conclusions worthy of their expertise rather than moving data and generating graphs.

App Benefits

Quickly optimize drilling and rework schedules to achieve corporate production and financial goals and accurately understand cash flows, valuations, outside funding needs, realistic dividend projections, and investor returns. Prepare development strategies, budgeted cash flows, and conclude A&D decisions with confidence. 

For The Executive

Improve capital efficiency with an easy-to-understand and explain capital program or A&D decision. Quantitatively address and illustrate the impact on debt, equity, and dividends from uncertainty in production forecasts, capital costs, operating costs, and commodity prices.

For The Investor

Quantify and illustrate the impact on investor returns from uncertainty in production forecasts, capital costs, operating costs, and commodity prices.

For Operations

Quantify how cost overruns and missed field activity deadlines impact corporate goals and financial success.

Energy Tech Night: Datagration Presentation By CTO, Kenton Gray

Datagration presented the PetroVisor™ Platform at the Energy Tech Night in June 2021. 

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