PetroVisor™ Whitepapers : Unconventional Asset Evaluation Using PetroVisor™

Unconventional Asset Optimization Using PetroVisor™

A PetroVisor™ Whitepaper


Investment analysis workflows in the PetroVisor platform can benefit any operator or investor group that owns unconventional assets or is looking to acquire or divest properties.

These include:

  • North American unconventional operators who require optimum completions designs and a sound investment strategy
  • Multi-nationals and National Oil Companies that are evaluating emerging shale plays and seeking to transfer existing technology, incorporate lessons learned, or gain operational insight from existing, successful shale developments
  • Companies acquiring and divesting properties

  • Private Equity groups who want to manage capital allocation among assets by modeling acquisition profitability

Because of the high cost of oil and gas capital expenditures, a sound asset development strategy is one of the most critical programs operators face today. As a result, operators are turning to oil and gas portfolio management programs to help achieve maximum investment returns. PetroVisor’s optimization and evaluation workflow provides operators and investors in unconventional oil and gas plays a clear, concise program that optimizes completion technology, provides a full drill out and asset development schedule, and guides capital deployment decisions.

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