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Our Business Purpose

We help companies be the way they should be. Performance oriented and relentlessly efficient without compromising compliance and governance.

At DATAGRATION we connect data. Data with data. Data with visualization. Data with calculation. And most importantly of all - data with people. 

We automate your data connections so your people can make more powerful business decisions. Operational decisions. Financial decisions. Supply chain decisions. ESG decisions. Compliance decisions. 

We do this to accelerate your business growth and maximize your profitability.


How We Deliver

Datagration makes data and analytics right-time, ML-driven, collaborative & actionable. By connecting and integrating a client’s data we amplify an organization’s potential. We work with our clients to configure our PetroVisor™ and EcoVisor SaaS-based platforms into a universally accessible system. This empowers teams to achieve business goals through data integration, analysis, benchmarking, and collaboration faster and more accurately than ever before.

Technology + Expertise = PetroVisor & EcoVisor


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50+ Employees

Accessible globally. Offices in Houston, Tx & Baden, Austria.

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Oil & Gas Experts

250+ published peer reviewed technical papers.

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ESG Innovators

Data aggregation & analytics that drive decarbonization.

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40+ Patents Held

Data analytics & specific technical domains.

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Meet The Team

Our success is driven by a dedicated team of professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Together, our leadership team and management embody the behaviors that define Datagration's—innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. We're not just a company; we're a team working towards a common vision.

Datagration’s private equity funding includes individual investors, Quantum Energy Partners, Global Reserve Group and EIV Capital.


Developing an extensive technology portfolio and scaling deployment.

Myr:conn solutions founded. Begins development of PetroVisor as E&P consulting platform.


Deployment of first automated enterprise workflow on PetroVisor platform.

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Datagration acquires myr:conn solutions, the PetroVisor platform & Mosaic Petroleum Analytics. Investment led by Quantum Energy Partners & Global Reserve Group.

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Formal launch of PetroVisor platform. Secures first multimillion-dollar SaaS contract.


Datagration secures first EcoVisor contract. Waste diversion analytics for Austin, Tx waste management services provider.

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Formal launch of EcoVisor platform.


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Our “DataYou” Behaviors




DataYou is an integrated competence assurance and cultural expectations program. DataYou assures our technical competence and sets our behavioral expectations. Behavior drives and reinforces our DataYou culture.

Data Obsessed

We are experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We continuously strive to maintain and extend this expertise. We apply our expertise to the maximum in everything we do.

Always Collaborative

We value and respect collaboration. With clients, within ourselves, and with our partners. We view collaboration as essential to both the creative and technical aspects of our work. 

Risk-free Technology

We develop and apply technology that integrates data. We assure that our technology works reliably all the time. We rigorously protect and secure the data assets that our clients trust us with. 

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