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About Datagration

Datagration provides the world’s most successful organizations with the tools they need to integrate and model data into meaningful insights. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and technologists work hand in hand with our customers to build a customized platform ecosystem used across the organization for data analysis, benchmarking, internal collaboration, and more.

Our Methodology & Beliefs


We are Data Obsessed.

We Believe in Open Collaboration.

Our Technology is
Secure and Reliable.

Creating a Foundation for Success

Our success stems from creating teams of individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We believe that we are a better company when all Datagration team members can bring their full authentic selves to work. Together, we’re committed to building a team and culture that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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The Oil and Gas industry is at a point of inflection. Recent global events such as COVID-19, supply and demand unbalance and capital constraints are providing a challenging environment for company board of directors, management, and technical teams on the frontlines. History proves that technology innovation accelerates when disruptive events occur. Datagration strongly believes that the next industry opportunity is to provide a platform ecosystem that enables open integration and agnostic access to the most valuable company asset, the customer’s data.

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Jorge Machnizh
President, Datagration

Management Team


Peter Bernard

Chief Executive Officer

Jorge Machnizh


David Freer

Chief Financial Officer

Kenton Gray

Chief Technology Officer

Braxton Huggins

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Stundner

Executive Vice President of Technology
George Voneiff

George Voneiff

Senior Vice President of Unconventional Solutions
Bryan Web Ready-2

Bryan Marlborough

Vice President of Platform Development & Commercialization
Efe Web

Efe Ejofodomi

Vice President of Business Development & Client Solutions

Lars Olrik

Vice President of Sales & Business Development
Szatny Web

Michael Szatny

Senior Director of Client Solutions

Georg Schweiger

Director of Software Development
Kirsty Hanvey

Kirsty Hanvey

Corporate Controller
Peter Bastian

Peter Bastian

Senior Technical Advisor of Unconventional Solutions

Board of Directors


Peter Bernard

Executive Chairman, Datagration

Ike Epley

Vice Chairman, Datagration

Jorge Machnizh

President, Datagration

Jeffrey Harris

Venture Partner, Quantum Energy Partners
Rob Meister

Rob Meister

Vice President, Quantum Energy Partners
David Wesson

David Wesson

David K

David Krieger