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petrovisor apps


Efficiently track operational and production performance along with financial metrics and forecasts, to reduce downtime while increasing production.

10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Every Production Engineer Needs to Know


Key Features

- Preconfigured commercial connectors to industry standard apps / software

- Asset wide surveillance that connects operational and financial surface and subsurface data

- Advanced production engineering analysis & forecasting technology including AutoDCA, type curves, etc.

- Trained ML models for faster data cleansing and analysis

A simplified approach to
production optimization

Centralize & Integrate Your Production Data

Create a central place to manage all integrations and automations to rapidly deploy workflows. Compatible with most data sources and major production accounting and SCADA platforms, such as P2, Quorum, Peloton, CygNet and more.

Flexibility / Scalability

Create sophisticated models by combining data from various sources. Quickly run models and analysis that are shared across teams.

Accessible And Unified View of Your Data

Enable users to develop a unified data perspective that generates a sustainable and standardized view from the integrated data and the outcomes of the optimization
workflows in a matter of hours.

Synchronization / Automatic Updates

Decrease the time required for manual well assessment using prescriptive actions for underperforming wells which require further investigation.

Optimize Your Production Workflows

Produce an automatic re-evaluation and selection of top candidates to increase production while boosting the economic success rate.

Advanced Technology At Your Fingertips

Seamlessly integrate Python, R, or ML.net into the app for augmented analysis of your production data.

New Well Placement And Identifying Workover Candidates

Using the PetroVisor™ platform, the operator delivered an NPV improvement of $751 million (34%) and reduced CAPEX by $15.4 million (34%).

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App Benefits

Within a single unified workflow, a user combines complex data analytics, physics-based modeling, and sophisticated economic modeling processes. The results are used for increasing production volumes, analyzing cash flows, debt and investment needs.


Gain Consistent Results

Enables users to develop a unified perspective of all relevant data that generates a sustainable, consistent, and comprehensive portfolio of opportunities to increase production and lower costs.

Decrease Well
Review Time

The app considerably decreases the time required for manual well assessment by identifying underperforming wells that warrant further study.

Simplified Approach

The Production Optimization App provides tools to connect to all disparate production and economic data to ensure the focus of operations is on the most impactful result-driven activities.

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