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Connecting Data to Power ESG Decisions

Connecting Data | Powering Decisions

EcoVisor is more than just another ESG Data Reporting Tool.

Powered by Datagration's unified data model, EcoVisor provides data-driven, predictive and actionable ESG insights on a daily basis. With EcoVisor you can proactively mitigate risks, address data management challenges, and meet regulatory reporting requirements.

EcoVisor is the only comprehensive and agnostic SaaS ESG platform available today.

It is a collaborative analytics platform that captures, connects, validates, and analyzes data so you can set baselines, streamline reporting and track progress.

Move beyond just tracking ESG data. Use EcoVisor to forecast your emissions and evaluate decarbonization pathways. 


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We have 3 ESG committees and in 30 minutes you showed us the data we need and the visuals and analysis we have been working 1.5 years to try and figure out.

- Haynesville Shale Operator
Technology and Data Science Manager

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You have come at a perfect time as we have been looking for a way to connect all our disparate ESG data in a commercial application.

- CCUS Energy Company
Business Applications Manager

Overcome ESG Data Management Challenges 

For corporate sustainability leaders, integrating disparate data sources to compile and report ESG performance is slow, resource consuming and prone to error. Performance against regulatory requirements, ESG objectives and strategic Net Zero and decarbonization goals is difficult to track. The impact of ESG improvement initiatives is near impossible to predict.


EcoVisor tracks ESG performance in near real-time. It provides insight that powers data-driven operational and financial decisions to improve ESG performance. Leaders can then focus on strategic initiatives that add long-term business value.


Regulatory Reporting | Performance Improvement | Risk Mitigation

ESG data from the
source near real-time

Track goals and make informed decisions to materially
impact ESG performance.

emissions reductions

Forecast emissions and analyze potential
reduction scenarios to create quantitative,
achievable environmental goals.

Regulatory & reporting compliance

Automate data
collection and calculations to efficiently comply with current and future ESG
regulatory requirements.

ESG data ecosystem

Create a fully auditable ESG data ecosystem, accessible by all, without replacing
legacy systems or altering source data.

ESG transparency to drive results

Improve ESG performance and transparency by
using a platform that allows everyone in the
organization to view metrics and progress.

Refocus ESG staff on
strategic efforts

Refocus ESG staff time on strategic
initiatives rather than routing data collection and spreadsheet calculations.

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Connect with our experts to learn more about the PetroVisor™  and EcoVisor Platforms.

Proactively Manage ESG Improvement Initiatives

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  • Centralize ESG Data in One Place. Track multiple disparate data sources in real time to compare ESG performance against goals.
  • Optimize ESG-Related Performance. Verify and audit ESG performance with a single source of truth combining ESG data, standard financials and operational metrics.

  • Refocus Staff Time on Strategic Efforts. Make ESG initiatives visible. Provide a cross organizational integration of ESG metrics, results, and performance improvements.

  • Operationalize Company ESG Strategy. Focus operations to optimize processes and procedures that directly contribute to ESG results.

  • Reduce Environmental Impact. Track and calculate emissions data to the component level, create data-driven emissions and decarbonization goals, then track performance.

  • Simplify ESG Reporting & Communication. Meet evolving stakeholder needs. Streamline ESG data collection, calculations, and reporting requirements.

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Request Info Or Schedule A Platform Tour

Connect with our experts to learn more about the PetroVisor™  and EcoVisor Platforms.

The EcoVisor Advantage

EcoVisor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Out-of-the-box it amplifies and automates the flow of data and analytics across multiple applications and data sources.

EcoVisor is the only comprehensive and agnostic ESG platform available today. EcoVisor connects disparate data sources using a proprietary data abstraction architecture.

EcoVisor eliminates the need to create time-consuming and costly customized data connections for each source. EcoVisor runs automated, configurable workflows and complex calculations on source-level, granular data.

Rich analytic visuals move your focus from back-ward looking ESG reporting to scenario-driven strategic decision-making and real-time sustainability performance management.

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Easily Implement EcoVisor

EcoVisor UDM Web


  • Unified & Open Architecture (UDM)

  • Enhances Data Utilization / Cleansing

  • Collaborates with External Ecosystem

  • Delivers Analytics Expertise

  • Commercially deployable, ready to use

  • Microsoft Azure-based

  • Bi-directional API

  • Permissions based user access

  • GDPR & HIPAA Compliance

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Ai/ML Powering ESG Decisions

Ai/ML embedded within EcoVisor unifies data, analytics, and knowledge. Disparate source data is left intact. Data is cleansed, centralized and characterized. EcoVisor automatically updates, providing data-driven insights that inform ESG decision-making.

EcoVisor gives permissions-based accessibility to everyone across the whole business enterprise.


Complexity Meets Visibility

EcoVisor enables end-to-end operational connectivity for complete ESG visibility.

No need for your IT function to build a new platform to house all your ESG data. Avoid creating more data-silos.

EcoVisor connects to your company’s existing source systems, routinely copies relevant data and runs automated ESG-specific workflows.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Configurable visualizations provide in one platform enterprise-wide access to track, analyze, report, and monitor ESG progress daily.

Automate Data-Cleansing & QA

Advanced ML technology centralizes, consolidates, and cleanses data, enabling meaningful insight and predictive modelling.

Operational & Asset Level Views

Connect and display operational data from the asset to component level to highlight relevant data and power more impactful decisions.

Reduce Input & Calculation Errors

Automated workflows and calculations maintain an audit trail for all data input and reduce emission factor calculation errors.

Efficient & Accurate Reporting

From the collection point to the business unit one platform automates data collection, reporting and real-time access. 

Drive ESG Excellence

Use a unified data model to connect people with data-driven insight to drive productivity and achieve ESG excellence.

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ESG Reporting

EcoVisor uniquely delivers, in one integrated platform, all three typical ESG software functionalities: Data Management, Reporting, and Operational Performance.

Many companies make calculations to satisfy ESG reporting requirements in spreadsheets by hand. Time consuming, resource intensive and prone to error.

With EcoVisor, calculation and consolidation of data for regulatory reporting is automated. Reports such as those required for EPA Waste Reduction Model (WARM) or for Subpart W - Petroleum & Natural Gas Systems are accurately calculated and easily populated.

Waste & Diversion Management App

Understand how waste management practices and operational processes affect the environment and your company's overall sustainability goals.

EcoVisor's Apps enable waste management and environmental services companies. You can provide relevant environmental metrics to your customers automatically at any interval.

Available with EcoVisor, the Waste Management & Diversion App automatically tracks diversion, computes carbon offsets, tracks recycling progress and associated costs, calculates emissions by asset or component, and much more.

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Reduce Costs

Automate tedious manual calculations after connecting data from multiple systems. Leverage service providers’ data sources and integrate them into a broader ESG strategy.

Demonstrate Compliance 

No more end-of-year surprises. Track your progress toward compliance responsibilities and recovery goals at any time, and course-correct as needed.

Measure GHG Impact

Automatically calculate the beneficial impact of greenhouse gas reduction activities related to waste diversion. Use standard EPA calculations or customized emission factors.

Simplify Reporting

From the collection point to processing site, use one platform to capture, store, and access real-time, relevant data. With enterprise-wide accessibility for all.

Oil & Gas ESG Management App

For oil & gas companies, EcoVisor can be implemented as a stand-alone app or bundled with Datagration's PetroVisor platform.

EcoVisor helps E&P companies manage operational and process improvements that drive forward sustainability goals. Strategic Net Zero and decarbonization goals can be better monitored and reported.

Powered by the same UDM as PetroVisor, the oil & gas EcoVisor app uses AI and ML while tracking and reporting ESG metrics all in one place.

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Connect Data
Connect, characterize, and cleanse all of your disparate ESG data sources on a daily basis to provide a unified view of your overall sustainability status.
Visualize Emissions
See actual emission data all in one place and run Ai and ML to uncover the hidden value in your operations.
Reduce Emissions
Identify areas to implement real change to reduce emissions and reach sustainability goals.
Sustainability Reporting
Integrate all your ESG related metrics and create sustainability reports.
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Connect with our experts to learn more about the PetroVisor™  and EcoVisor Platforms.