PetroVisor : The Only Value Creation Platform for Upstream Oil & Gas

The Only Value Creation Platform for Upstream Oil & Gas

A new name doesn’t always mean new technology

Datagration experts have been pioneers in data democratization since 2010, and we’ve seen these facts play out across all Upstream oil and gas companies across the world:

  • E&P companies desperately need to modernize their IT architecture.

  • Weaving data, knowledge, and AI/ML into organizations’ everyday decisions are necessary for survival.

  • Value creation can come from areas outside of “increased production” or “reduced CapEx’’.

  • E&P companies struggle with the complexities of bringing change management initiatives to fruition.
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of oil and gas executives agree their organization will have to change how it operates due to the recent downturn.

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of oil and gas CIOs plan to increase analytics, AI/ML, and automation investments.

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of executives say the lack of knowledge capture & transfer keeps their business from being competitive.

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of executives believe that deliberate and focused ESG programs will create long-term value for shareholders.

Introducing PetroVisor



  • Integrate Multiple Data Sources, Including Real-Time Data

  • Directly Review Details To Put Data Within Context

  • Benchmark Operational Asset Performance And KPIs

  • Single, Unified View Across Teams And Domains Updated In Real-Time.

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“Datagration is a 2021 production technology company to watch.” – Darcy Partners

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Datagration finishes as the top 3 finalists for the digital transformation project of the year at ADIPEC 2021

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As upstream oil and gas companies increasingly rely on technology to help them make day-to-day choices based on data and augmented analytics, the PetroVisor platform has grown in relevance and importance throughout the world.

Peter Bernard
Chairman & CEO, Datagration

Disruptive technology that doesn’t disrupt your business

With PetroVisor, E&P companies worldwide can unify their data, analytics and knowledge, embedding AI/ML into every stage and making insights and more intelligent decision-making accessible to everybody.

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Automated Data Ingestion
  • Leverage a rich library of built-in connectors for simple to advanced data integration.

  • In a visible, interactive environment, perform data cleansing and transformations (using all, no-, or low- code depending on user desire).

  • To track asset or firm performance against Budget and AFEs, combine the most recent accounting, budget, operational, reserves, and ESG data with engineering and economics.

  • Explore data by doing a rapid visual analysis of columns, which includes the distribution of values, automatically identified outliers, invalid or missing values, and overall summary statistics.

Platform Native Apps
  • Use Datagration’s subject expertise to enable business users and analysts to provide inputs and create answers and insights in an interactive, automated approach.

  • To share information within the organization, use the built-in PetroVisor dashboards or send data and insights to leading visualization platforms.

Machine Learning
  • Leverage configurable AutoML powered by industry leading machine learning models.

  • Connect and customize code directly in Python, R, or P# for advanced custom machine learning.

  • The PetroVisor workflow builder enables coders and non-coders alike to easily build analytical and economical workflows within minutes.

  • For day-to-day automation activities, use the built- in scheduler to automatically refresh dashboards and pipelines without involving IT.

  • Dashboards, notifications, and project summaries keep stakeholders up to date on project activities, status, and overall asset or organizational health.

Governance & Security
  • Through security- and privacy-by-design development and SaaS operational processes, PetroVisor aligns with the latest data protection and privacy laws around the world.

  • Data security, user adoption, correctness, and overall system reliability are all improved through centralized governance and administration and data lineage.

PetroVisor Platform Architecture

PetroVisor allows your team to utilize the application and analytic tools they already know and love with data that lives anywhere. Whether it's on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid cloud environment, PetroVisor allows them to easily connect from anywhere, anytime.


Using PetroVisor For Exceptional Business Results

Across Every Domain
  • Petrophysics, Geology & Geosciences

  • Wells & Drilling

  • Facility Management & Operations

  • HSE

  • Reservoir Engineering

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Production

  • Completions

  • ESG

    ....and more!

Every Use Case
  • Production Loss & Deferment Management

  • Workover Candidate Selection

  • Sucker Rod Pump Performance Monitoring & Estimation

  • Liquid Loading Prevention & Resolving

  • Single & Multi-Well Economics

  • Surface to Subsurface Data Integration

  • Well, Pattern, & Reservoir Analysis

  • ML/MVR Analysis & Economics for Completions

  • Asset & Corporate Level Economics

  • Emissions Modeling, Monitoring & Automated ESG Data Consolidation

    ...and more!

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