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Waste & Diversion
Management App

Understand how waste management practices and operational processes affect the environment and your company's overall sustainability goals.

EcoVisor enables waste management and environmental services companies. You can provide relevant environmental metrics to your customers automatically at any interval.

Available with EcoVisor, the Waste Management & Diversion App automatically tracks diversion, computes carbon offsets, tracks recycling progress and associated costs, calculates emissions by asset or component, and much more.

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Reduce Costs
Automate tedious manual calculations after connecting data from multiple systems. Leverage service providers’ data sources and integrate them into a broader ESG strategy.

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Demonstrate Compliance
No more end-of-year surprises. Track your progress toward compliance responsibilities and recovery goals at any time, and course-correct as needed.

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Measure GHG Impact
Automatically calculate the beneficial impact of greenhouse gas reduction activities related to waste diversion. Use standard EPA calculations or customized emission factors.

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Simplify Reporting
From the collection point to processing site, use one platform to capture, store, and access real-time, relevant data. With enterprise-wide accessibility for all.

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Enabling waste management & environmental service companies.

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Ai/ML Powering ESG Decisions

Ai/ML embedded within EcoVisor unifies data, analytics, and knowledge. Disparate source data is left intact. Data is cleansed, centralized and characterized. EcoVisor automatically updates, providing data-driven insights that inform ESG decision-making.

EcoVisor gives permissions-based accessibility to everyone across the whole business enterprise.


The EcoVisor Advantage

EcoVisor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Out-of-the-box it amplifies and automates the flow of data and analytics across multiple applications and data sources.

EcoVisor is the only comprehensive and agnostic ESG platform available today. EcoVisor connects disparate data sources using a proprietary data abstraction architecture.

EcoVisor eliminates the need to create time-consuming and costly customized data connections for each source. EcoVisor runs automated, configurable workflows and complex calculations on source-level, granular data.

Rich analytic visuals move your focus from back-ward looking ESG reporting to real-time performance tracking.

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