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Houston, Texas, USA  — Datagration is pleased to announce the signing, with a major Middle Eastern NOC (National Oil Company), of a groundbreaking agreement for the PetroVisor SaaS platform. Under this direct assignment, the multi-million-dollar contract covers a significant portion of the company's land production wells for five years.

Building on their existing collaboration, the top five globally ranked NOC and Datagration are set to further revolutionize production operations with the adoption of PetroVisor across multiple assets. The highly anticipated agreement leverages the innovative "Access-to-All" SaaS licensing model, facilitating wider access for the company's operations and engineering professionals as well as executive management.

The collaboration between the NOC and Datagration traces back to 2019, with MyrConn, later acquired by Datagration in 2020, spearheading the development and piloting of the first Well Production Optimization (WPO) solution for the company's assets. Following a series of successful milestones, including the first fully commercial agreement signed in December 2022 and an extension to encompass additional fields in May 2023, this latest agreement marks the first long-term commitment between the two entities.

Commenting on the significance of the partnership, Datagration's chairman & CEO, Peter Bernard stated, “This is a great outcome, especially considering it is a direct award. It is a testament to the quality of work Datagration and our NOC client have accomplished together. This paves the way for further adoption of PetroVisor with this client and demonstrates the platform's applicability across the Upstream E&P sector."

The contract underscores the shared commitment of the Middle Eastern NOC and Datagration to innovation and excellence in the energy sector, setting a new standard for digital transformation and operational efficiency.

About Datagration

Datagration makes data and analytics right-time, ML-driven, collaborative & actionable. By connecting and integrating a client’s data we amplify an organization’s potential. We work with our clients to configure our PetroVisor™ and EcoVisor SaaS-based platforms into a universally accessible system. This empowers teams to achieve business goals through data integration, analysis, benchmarking, and collaboration faster and more accurately than ever before.

For media inquiries or further information on Datagration please visit www.datagration.com or contact Graham Makin at gmakin@datagration.com and +1 (832) 316-7190.


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Post by Datagration™
May 15, 2024