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SPE Virtual Workshop: Production Automation

Michael Stundner and David Gonczi shared their experiences with Datagration and discussed the financial gain resulting from production automation and digitalization.

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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

George Vonieff and Peter Bastian present at the 2021 URTec conference. They discuss real-world results to combine data analytics, physics-based completion optimization, development capital optimization.

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SPE Virtual Workshop: Bridging Gulf to Gulf

The role of workers in the digital transformation post-pandemic has forced E&P companies to change their approach. CTO, Kenton Gray, gives his take at the SPE Virtual Workshop. 

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Energy Tech Night: Datagration Presentation

Datagration presented the PetroVisor™ Platform at the Energy Tech Night on June 23rd, 2021. Watch our CTO, Kenton Gray, give his presentation of the PetroVisor platform in this a replay of the event.

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What's New In PetroVisor  Webinar - July 1st

Take a deep dive into the latest PetroVisor™ release. New features are deployed and updated on a continuous release cycle, ensuring our customers always have the latest and most up-to-date version of PetroVisor.

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Datagration Webinar - March 31st

Take a deep dive into the latest PetroVisor™ release. Now, with this enhanced user experience, users can access more information faster without in-depth trainingand enjoy the benefits of a seamless experience. 

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Datagration Webinar - February 10th

Advanced data analytics, physics-based modeling, and probabilistic economics in a unified workflow for timely decisions on unconventional reservoir investment optimization.

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Darcy Partners Forum

Presentation recording from the January 20th, 2021 Darcy Partners Forum, focused on self-serve production analytics platforms.Watch Replay

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NSI - Frac Lessons Learned

SVP of Unconventional Solutions, George Voneiff, joined Steve Cobb from NSI Technologies to share recent stories from their work in several North American basins. 

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