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EcoVisor Tour Center

Welcome to the EcoVisor Tour Center. Here you can access a modular series of self-guided EcoVisor platform demos. We recommend you start with the Introduction Tour for a high-level orientation to the EcoVisor platform. Then pick and choose other tours that match your own specific area of interest.

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Tour EcoVisor | Connecting Data to Power ESG Decisions

EV Apps 1
ESG Performance

Executive oversight of all ESG performance integrated in one convenient dashboard.

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EV Apps 2

HR, HSE, DEI and community performance aspects of personnel management.

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EV Apps 3

Automatically collate and visualize key governance data and associated metrics.

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EV Apps 4

Assess emissions data by type at the company, area, and site levels right down to individual device emissions.

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EV Apps 7

Track water production and/or consumption at the company and site level including recycling and overall water intensity.

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EV Apps 9

Report energy consumption by type, site and equipment counts and identify energy saving opportunities.

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EV Apps 10

Review spills by size, type, location, equipment type and average recover rate to assess mitigation strategies.

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EV Apps 14

Plan and prioritize LDAR program activities with easy oversight and reporting of progress against company goals.

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EV Apps 11

Track safety improvement initiatives with lost time and recordable incident data by location, type, and cause.

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EV Apps 10

Report waste by type, hazard category and location including percentage diversion.

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soild waste managm

Waste & Diversion Management App

Enabling waste management & environmental service companies.

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Connecting Data to Power
ESG Decisions

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ESG Data In Practice

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EcoVisor Dashboard Reference

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