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PetroVisor Use Cases

The PetroVisor platform enables knowledge automation within each integrated engineering workflow, creating a single point of truth and a unified model for better decision making.


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Production Loss & Deferment Management

These data flows and calculations quantify deferred production and production losses based on previous vs. actual performance. Quickly discover the most common reasons for downtime on all assets and filter to downtime reasons.

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Workover Candidate Selection

Regularly, the best workover candidates with the highest potential production gain have been overlooked because they are not always obvious at first sight. Suboptimal workover investments lead to missed production targets and increased lifting costs.


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Synthetic Log Generation

Using the Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) approach, wells are subdivided into clusters. A minimum set of well logs is identified for the application of this approach. Any other, not measured well logs, are predicted by using similarities to other wells and their logs within established clusters.
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Waterflood Efficiency Improvement

Several plots are available to support engineers in monitoring the performance of waterflooding including conformance, hall plots in order to improve the efficiency of water injection.
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Rate Estimation & Allocation

PetroVisor identifies wells where remedial action (e.g. pump adjustment) could prevent a future shut-in, or where deteriorating production can be restored (water or gas shutoff, casing leaks, scale buildup, …). The wells are ranked according to how much (risked) production is being lost or at risk.
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Reservoir Property Prediction

This package calculates production rates based on field available data, e.g. by using virtual flow meters (physical models, ML models), or by artificial lift data (Dynamometer card data, ESP data), etc.
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Marginal Well Identification

The package can identify underperforming wells using various key performance indicators such as heterogeneity indices, production thresholds or compares actual production with monthly targets.
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Gas Breakthrough Production

Detects gas breakthrough based on Chan diagnostics. The developed solution utilizes user defined threshold from GOR values, the trend and its derivative of GOR and assign different probabilities to detect gas breakthrough based on the values of the aforementioned input elements.
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Reactivation and Shut In/ Underperformance Advisory

The Production Optimization App recommends wells where workover/intervention actions, rig or rigless, (e.g. stimulation, N2 kick-off, water control, etc.) may activate currently shut-in wells which are economically profitable. The wells are ranked based on technical and financial metrics, including their historical issues, production, and reservoir potential.
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Identification & Prediction of Liquid Loading in Gas Wells

We provide 5 different integrated methods for early and automated identification and prediction of liquid loading. Best practice logic, data analytics and NPV calculation leads to selection of the most feasible deliquification method.
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Well Test Validation

These calculations and models reduces both the time consumed by tedious manual tasks as well as error probability. It supports the engineers in manual validation task or offer auto approval by comparing well test data with last valid test results with options for data cleansing and inserting well test validation rules.
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Infill Drilling Candidate Selection

Automatic, periodic ranking of every location in the reservoir for infill drilling, based on considerations including offset production, drainage areas, local reservoir quality and oil in place, risk of unwanted fluid production, and voidage replacement.
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Behind Casing Opportunities

Automatic, periodic evaluations of each of these opportunities by estimating its production potential from offsets producing from the same layer, just as a petroleum engineer would do manually.
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Water Coning and Channeling Identification

The solution automatically detects water coning or channeling risks based on Chan diagnostics. The logic applies automated coning and channeling probabilities detection using the water-oil ratio, including the raw and derivative values. 

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Performance and Pay Zone Prediction based on Well Log

Integration of production performance and well log data. Feature extraction and Machine Learning techniques for identifying correlation between lithofacies and production performance.
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Sand Management

The solution can integrate real time data from both intrusive sensors (used for monitoring the caused damage, i.e. erosion) and acoustic sensors (sand rate) showing rapid changes during sand trial tests.
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Gas Lift Optimization

Applies gas lift monitoring with stability assessment - two stability criteria (inflow response and pressure-depletion response) are applied for examining stability problems and optimizing ongoing gas lift operations. The solution package also calculates theoretical injection rate on volumetric gas throughput of an orifice or choke, which can be used to detect multi-injection issues.
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Technical Well Problem Detection

The solution detects general technical problems based on production or injection rates in an automated manner.
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Anomaly Detection of Pumps and Surface Facilities

The developed solutions applying user-defined threshold values and screen the changing performance of the examined entity, while detecting anomalies in production or equipment related data using empirical and machine learning techniques.
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Reservoir and Environmental Constraint Management in Steam Flooring
Operators spend considerable time to produce detailed reports for steam injection operations from spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

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