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petrovisor apps

Environmental, Social & Governance

Focused operational and process improvements to reach sustainability goals while tracking and reporting ESG metrics all in one place.

Datagration And OneNexus Environmental Collaborate To Address The Trillion-Dollar Problem Of Aging Oil And Gas Well Infrastructure


Key Differentiators

ESG data in a single view

Configurable visualizations provide daily information needed to track, analyze, report and monitor goals for ESG metrics all in one place.

Model emissions data

Monitor daily emissions and Intensity against targets at a company level for volatiles such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (NO2).

Automated data-cleansing & quality assurance

Advanced AI and ML technology to centralize, consolidate, and cleanse data enabling your company to integrate and model data into meaningful insights.

Repeatable and reusable workflows and calculations

Enables powerful analytic and workflow automation across multiple disciplines and functions.

Operational & Equipment Level Views

Display operational data down to the well level to identify trouble emitters and bring the relevant data forward to make impactful decisions.

Downtime Monitoring

Use ML and SCADA to track well performance vs expectations, notifying operational staff when wells begin to experience issues.



Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

E&P companies need an extensive business and engineering Platform that provides real tools to improve sustainability, reduce emissions, and enable better stewardship of the environment; not tools that just provide reports on historical data. 

The PetroVisor Platform enables E&P companies to automate the flow of ESG data combined with rich predictive and analytic solutions, used and viewable by all personnel in the company to reduce carbon footprint and increase sustainability.


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