PetroVisor App : Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Influence operational and process improvements to drive forward sustainability goals using AI and ML while tracking and reporting ESG metrics all in one place.


Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

E&P companies need an extensive business and engineering Platform that provides real tools to improve sustainability, reduce emissions and enable better stewardship of the environment; not tools that just provide reports on historical data. 

The PetroVisor Platform enables E&P companies to automate the flow of ESG data combined with rich predictive and analytic solutions, used and viewable by all personnel in the company to reduce carbon footprint and increase sustainability.


A Simplified Approach to Sustainability Reporting


to all disparate data sources regardless of type or location


all related data in a single, unified data layer for consistent answers


data and analytics in real-time with machine learning

App Workflows & Features

Calculate numerous production-based Key Performance Indicators including IP90, IP365, production-based primary phase determination, recent secondary phase yields, etc.

Use ML and SCADA to track well performance vs expectations, notifying operational staff when wells begin to experience production issues.

Standard individual well, 40-yr, monthly cash flow analysis.  All producing phases, NGL purity product streams, fixed and variable operating costs, abandonments costs, existing and drilling/rework locations, etc. When available, utilize internal accounting system data for operating and well costs. Roll up to any hierarchy level for multi-well cash flows.

Calculate PVT properties for oil, gas and water using Vasquez and Beggs,  Levitan and Murtha and Beggs and Robinson methods. Outputs oil and gas correlations such as Oil Bubble Point  Pressure, Formation Volume Factor Oil, Formation Volume Factor Gas and more.

Estimate the liquid production rate of naturally flowing wells and ESP wells.


App Benefits

PetroVisor provides a place for all your ESG data to be consolidated into a single sophisticated platform to uncover sustainability improvement opportunities using Ai and ML from your operational data. Bring about real, tangible change in your business by predicting opportunities and risks before they happen.

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  • Created with Lunacy
Emissions Reductions

See your actual emission data all in one place and run AI and ML to uncover the hidden value in your operations. Identify areas to implement real change to reduce emissions and reach sustainability goals. PetroVisor is not just another benchmarking tool, PetroVisor uses your company data to identify areas to improve your operations.

Data Consolidation & Dashboards

Connect, characterize and cleanse all your disparate data sources for ESG to bring together a single view of your overall sustainability status on a daily basis. Dashboards make it quick and easy to see where you are trending against your ESG goals and identify opportunities to leverage.

Sustainability Reporting

Integrate all your ESG related metrics and create sustainability reports. PetroVisor can help build out your annual sustainability reporting engine making it quicker and easier to report the metrics that matter to your shareholders.

Asset 280
Field Development, Evaluation, And Economic
Modeling Using PetroVisor™

In this whitepaper, various completion and well optimization scenarios are presented and compared. Numerous formation, completion, drilling and economic inputs are adjusted to show results under different conditions.

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