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Well Test Validation

Use Cases  /  Well Test Validation


Key Step for Many Processes

Well test validation is a key step for many processes such as production allocation, well model calibration, performance estimation and problems investigation. Despite that many companies still perform well test analysis and validation manually which is time consuming and prone to low accuracy. The quality of the analysis is related to the engineer's skills and not standardized within the company.


Quality Checks to Validate or Reject Results

Many parameters can affect hugely well test data so engineers should always perform quality check in order to validate or reject results before use it in other processes.

PetroVisor Solution

Reduces Time Consumed and Error Probability

These calculations and models reduce both the time consumed by tedious manual tasks as well as error probability. It supports the engineers in manual validation tasks or offers auto-approval by comparing well test data with last valid test results with options for data cleansing and inserting well test validation rules.

Added Value Gained

Improve and Standardize Procedures

  • Help engineers to focus on more relevant tasks and save consumed time in manual validation
  • Improved and standardized well test procedure within the company
  • Collect all well test results in a collaborative environment accessible by everyone
  • Reduce error sources and manual failure