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Waterflood Efficiency Improvement

Use Cases  /  Waterflood Efficiency Improvement


Recovery Mechanism to Increase Oil Production

Water injection is known as the most used secondary recovery mechanism to increase the oil production from the reservoirs and ultimately oil recovery.


Difficult to Perform Manually

The technology has many complex factors which make the evaluation and performance tracking of water injection difficult to be performed manually by engineers.

PetroVisor Solution

Support Monitoring

Several plots are available to support engineers in monitoring the performance of waterflooding including conformance, hall plots in order to improve the efficiency of water injection. The package can also be used to evaluate injection/production balance and skim factors for the various condition during the recovery mechanism.

Added Value Gained

Evaluates Injectivity 

The solution evaluates injectivity by tracking the performance envelopes during water flooding and helps to identify under performers and recommend wells and/or pattern for further evaluation.

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • Major European operator with more than 200 brownfields
  • Major Middle East National Company for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world