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Water Coning and Channeling Identification

Use Cases  /  Water Coning and Channeling Identification


Reduce Costs of Producing Water

The current worldwide daily water production is ~3 BWPD/ BBL of oil, increasing greatly the operational costs (due to lifting and disposing). Therefore, proper water control strategy is critical to reduce the costs of producing water.


Properly Evaluate the Likelihood of a Breakthrough

Water breakthrough issues are frequently observed in fractured reservoir. To optimize the recovery processes during water injections it can be critical factor to properly evaluate the likelihood of a possible breakthrough of the offset well locations while differentiate the acceptable (within tolerance) and excessive (uneconomic) water production.

PetroVisor Solution

Automatically Detects Risks

The solution automatically detects water coning or channeling risks based on Chan diagnostics. The logic applies automated coning and channeling probabilities detection using the water-oil ratio, including the raw and derivative values. When certain conditions are fulfilled such as WOR above the threshold, WOR trend and its derivative is decreasing then the perforation/well has a high probability to face water coning.

Added Value Gained

Exceptional Reporting System

The solution provides an exceptional reporting system to the user and notifies when there is a high probability for water breakthrough to take the necessarily corrective actions.

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • Major European operator with more than 200 brownfields
  • Major Middle East National Company for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world
  • The solution has applications in the Gulf of Mexico