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Using the PetroVisor™ platform for integrated data management and decision making for unconventional reservoirs

A Datagration™ Whitepaper

General Overview

The PetroVisor platform is a new category of software that enables operators to fully leverage all of their data. PetroVisor’s data abstraction architecture is truly unique to any current platform in the industry, allowing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and automated solutions to systematically deliver operational and financial results. This technology also allows operators to quickly distinguish and connect useful data from irrelevant data.

PetroVisor breaks down the barriers between disciplines by integrating all of an E&P’s data in a single analytics platform. The platform (semantic layer) is compatible with all data sources and applications. When all of an asset’s data is in one place, engineers can identify patterns and correlations, unlocking the driving factors behind an asset’s production. Automation, ML, and AI (not black box) allow engineers to dedicate their time to make decisions to optimize asset performance. These solutions are open, agnostic, and configurable.

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Using the PetroVisor™ platform For unconventional reservoirs