PetroVisor™ Whitepapers: Topsides to The Reservoir

Linking The Topsides To The Reservoir

A PetroVisor™ Whitepaper



Within multiple complex systems on offshore oil and gas platforms, equipment failure, unplanned downtime or non-productive time can negatively impact production. Currently, operators utilize equipment-centric predictive maintenance timetables based on common failure modes to avoid periods of unscheduled downtime. A successful offshore asset management program widens the scope beyond operations, root cause analysis and preventive maintenance to include people, the environment and safety factors.

Constraint management is a holistic process that links facility topside data with reservoir data to identify operational problems or bottlenecks before they negatively impact production and revenue. Successful offshore asset management requires collaboration between multiple teams and disciplines, from the offshore platform to the onshore office. Data silos can be avoided by integrating information from all domains in a digital environment, giving users insight to critical areas including reservoir production, operations, maintenance, mechanics, instrumentation, and the environment.

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