Use Cases: Technical Well Problem Detection

Technical Well Problem Detection

Use Cases  /  Technical Well Problem Detection


Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

Continuous monitoring and well performance evaluation is one of the daily routines for petroleum engineers in order to detect problems and plan to restore deferred production.


Spotting the Problem

A sudden drop in a well’s liquid rate may not be attributable to water coning, water channeling, or gas channeling, thus a dedicated script can spot the problem.

PetroVisor Solution

Detect General Technical Problems

The solution detects general technical problems based on production or injection rates, e.g. sudden changes in production rates.

Added Value Gained

Support Engineers

Support engineers in problem detection and workover candidates' selection.

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • Major European operator with more than 200 brownfields
  • Major Middle East National Oil Company for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world