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Sand Management

Use Cases  /  Sand Management


Unwanted Sand Production

Conventional well completions in soft formations commonly produce formation fines with the produced fluids. Sand production is unwanted because it can lead to plug wells, erode certain equipment, and even lower well productivity.


No Accurate Techniques

Predicting sand production has been the goal of many completion engineers and research projects. There are a great number of analytical methods and guidelines to determine whether sand control is necessary, but none of the existing technique has proven to be widely accepted or seemed to be accurate.

PetroVisor Solution

Integrate Real-Time Data

The solution can integrate real-time data from both intrusive sensors (used for monitoring the caused damage, i.e. erosion) and acoustic sensors (sand rate) showing rapid changes during sand trial tests

Added Value Gained

Flagging Sand Production Risks

The solution gives real time performance analysis and sends notifications to the end user when unhealthy states are achieved (flagging sand production risk).

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • The solution has applications in the Gulf of Mexico