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Production Loss & Deferment Management

Use Cases  / Production Loss & Deferment Management


Deferred Production

In the oil and gas industry, deferred production is a regular issue. In mature fields, it can account for 10% or more of total production.


Early Identification

Early identification of underperforming wells will help the engineers to minimize production loss and maximize field recovery.

PetroVisor Solution

Map Deferred Production

The Production Optimization App includes dataflows and calculations that quantify deferred production and production losses based on previous vs. actual performance. Quickly discover the most common reasons for downtime on all assets and filter to downtime reasons.

Added Value Gained

Minimize Deferred Production

Helps to efficiently monitor and track deferred production and related costs as well as reasons for downtime and production loss, saving all the consumed time in spreadsheets and manual work. Efficiently track operational performance, including cumulative forecast vs. production and field estimates vs. budget vs. actual expenditures by cost type.