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Announcing Three Year Agreement 

HOUSTON, Texas – Quantum Capital Group (Quantum), a leading provider of private capital to the global energy industry, and Datagration Solutions, Inc (Datagration), an energy and ESG-focused Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, have jointly announced a multi-year commercial agreement.


Quantum will leverage Datagration’s PetroVisor platform and its unified data model to connect disparate data sources and more effectively drive decision-making across its investment portfolio. With automated integration of data from hundreds of disparate sources, PetroVisor allows Quantum and its portfolio companies (PCs) to seamlessly integrate and exchange pertinent information for asset performance management.



Datagration's Unified Data Model is embedded within PetroVisor. The UDM provides a single, fast, business-friendly interface for all data. With data integrated from multiple disparate sources, Quantum is enabled with workflows that automate visualization and calculation of data without the need for manual data engineering.


The PetroVisor platform integrates with and augments Quantum’s Energy Cloud (QEC). QEC is a digital platform providing Quantum’s PCs with a cloud-based modern data foundation, data science environment, and application framework. The combination of PetroVisor and QEC provides Quantum’s PCs with a cutting-edge solution to automate and digitize their workflows.

Wil VanLoh, Founder & CEO of Quantum Capital Group, said: “I believe that digitalization, as enabled by Datagration and QEC, is the way of the future for our business. It makes our portfolio companies more efficient and profitable, and it enables Quantum to decide how best to allocate our capital.”  


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Datagration’s PetroVisor platform, workflows and visualization dashboards are configured for Quantum’s specific business needs. Integrating with and augmenting Quantum’s Energy Cloud, PetroVisor is the enabling platform for asset performance management.

Sebastian Gass, Chief Technology Officer at Quantum states: “We are excited to announce our partnership with Datagration. PetroVisor will be the enabling platform for asset performance management. Given the unique nature and capabilities of Datagration’s unified data model, we look forward to extending this partnership to other solution areas in the future.”

Peter Bernard, Chairman and CEO of Datagration, commented: “Quantum is a market leader in adopting technology to improve performance across its business. We believe Quantum’s selection of the PetroVisor platform is a testament to the differentiated power and capabilities of our platform.” 


About Datagration 
For more information on Datagration please visit www.datagration.com or contact Graham Makin at gmakin@datagration.com and (832) 316-7190. Datagration makes data and analytics right-time, ML-driven, collaborative & actionable. By connecting and integrating a client’s data we amplify an organization’s potential. We work with our clients to configure our PetroVisor™ and EcoVisor SaaS-based platforms into a universally accessible system. This empowers teams to achieve business goals through data integration, analysis, benchmarking, and collaboration faster and more accurately than ever before. 


About Quantum Capital Group (Quantum) 
For more information on Quantum Capital Group, please visit www.quantumcap.com or contact Michael Dalton at (713) 452-2110. 

Founded in 1998, Quantum Capital Group is a leading global provider of private equity, credit, structured, and venture capital to the responsibly sourced energy and energy transition & decarbonization sectors, having managed together with its affiliates more than $21 billion under stewardship since inception.  

Post by Datagration™
July 25, 2023