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The Oil and Gas industry is at a point of inflection. Recent global events such as COVID-19, supply and demand unbalance and capital constraints are providing a challenging environment for company board of directors, management, and technical teams on the frontlines. History proves that technology innovation accelerates when disruptive events occur. 

Datagration strongly believes that the next industry opportunity is to provide a platform ecosystem that enables open integration and agnostic access to the most valuable company asset, the customer’s data.

Datagration’s PetroVisor platform ecosystem addresses these pressures through a leading workflow and knowledge automation and decision-making tool for the oil and gas industry, utilizing cloud or on-premise AI/ML solutions with practical workflows developed by engineers for engineers.

PetroVisor enables the adoption of a complex suite of analytics allowing engineers and executives to harness the power of all relevant data, from dispersed sources, to monitor and manage large and complex oil and gas fields remotely, utilizing AI/ML automated workflows in real time. This provides access to critical data to review hundreds of potential scenarios, for thousands of wells. It also enables remote collaboration while leveraging cloud or on-premise workflows, reducing the need for travel and face-to-face meetings. Engineers and executives are empowered with real-time critical information, no matter where they are located, developing reliable automated workflows for operations with minimum human interference which results in higher capital efficiency continuous improvement and stronger financial results.

Datagration’s team bolsters the original creators of PetroVisor™, myr:conn solutions, and have proven track records and strong, complementary backgrounds in building leading enterprise software solutions, with extensive experience in domestic and international markets. Everyone on Datagration’s team is passionate about delivering outstanding results for our customers.

The Datagration team appreciates your interest, and we look forward exploring how we can help you.

- Jorge Machnizh

President & CEO

Post by Datagration™
September 15, 2020