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By Datagration™ on October 20, 2020

Oilfield 360 podcast with Peter Benard, executive chairman of Datagration


What's more important than Oil & Gas? Data - and lots of it - and more importantly, the interpretation of it.

The interpretation of data that is becoming available to the energy industry is speeding innovation along at pace faster than most can imagine.

Our executive chairman, Peter Bernard, had the pleasure of sitting down with the Oilfield 360 team.

Joining Laura SchillingJosh Lowrey, and David de Roode they covered topics around diversity, energy transition, the importance of data in the oil and gas industry, and a few topics that only Cajuns will understand.

Give the podcast a listen on SpotifyApple, or SoundCloud...https://linktr.ee/oilfield360 

Published by Datagration™ October 20, 2020