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Houston, TX - - Datagration™ this week announced it has become a Partner in Microsoft’s exclusive One Commercial Partner Program (OCP). The partnership will support deployment of best-in-class custom Cloud solutions to Datagration’s clients in the oil and gas industry.

 As a Microsoft OCP Partner, Datagration will have access to Microsoft’s team of experts for collaborations that it says will translate to a higher level of customer services via simplified analytics and a holistic data picture of their operations. Datagration’s clients will now be better able to model, map and customize data to gain an even more comprehensive overview of their operations, break down barriers to productivity, improve overall business performance, and generate new revenue opportunities.

"We are helping our customers transform their operations to be more intelligent, integrated and collaborative by utilizing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Power Apps and Azure. Our partnership with Microsoft will go a long way in supporting delivery of an improved customer experience and help our customers operate more efficiently," said, Kenton Gray, CTO, Datagration.

Gray says the company is continually expanding its platform and workflow solutions to empower its clients who operate in a highly competitive industry subject to intense market fluctuations requiring agile and informed decision-making.  

“Datagration is excited to partner with Microsoft and is currently engaged in many sales opportunities around the world to provide a way to pull disparate data in an open agnostic and elegant way with workflow and knowledge automation,” said Tom Jordan, VP of Corporate Development, Datagration.

Datagration has developed a suite of workflow automation solutions addressing portfolio management, asset development and well productivity enhancement that have been used by super-majors, national oil companies and independents across the globe with measurable results. Its PetroVisor™ platform captures data from clients’ different legacy systems to automate workflows and deliver actionable insights for faster, informed decision-making and reduced operational costs for the oil and gas sector.

The OCP Partner designation is a step above Microsoft’s general Partner program status and reserved for a select group of organizations. Microsoft, in essence, invests in the success of participating businesses like Datagration, and even offers access to training, a referral program, third party solutions and go-to-market services, all geared to accelerating growth for both Partners and end users.

Post by Datagration™
October 20, 2020