PetroVisor™ : Key Differentiators

Using PetroVisor To Accelerate Profitability

PetroVisor reduces tedious and costly manual efforts to de-silo data and make use of it. But more importantly, PetroVisor enables E&P companies to do things that couldn’t be done before.


Solving Critical Problems for Operators

At its core, PetroVisor enables E&P companies to quickly and efficiently make data-driven decisions using a holistic asset management approach based on all available data. As new data or other systems are integrated, the decision-making algorithms are continuously updated, ensuring best-of-class decision-making capabilities at all times.

PetroVisor’s ability to consolidate and integrate disparate data systems in a scalable and flexible format brings significant value to operators. This functionality is the key feature that enables powerful analytics and workflow automation across disciplines and functions.

These differentiators separate PetroVisor from other workflow and analytics solutions and ensure rapid value creation and return on investment for the end customer and adoption for its user base.

Technology & Data Agnostic

When it comes to source and output data, PetroVisor was built to be agnostic. Because our SME's understood that various organizations prefer different reservoir/petroleum engineering software, ERP systems, and so on, PetroVisor was designed to be an independent, open platform that can ingest data from all systems and data sources. PetroVisor provides a solution that is compatible with any database or legacy system, including all major service providers.

Scalable & Flexible

PetroVisor’s data mapping wizard enables rapid implementation of the software and ensures the links between databases stay in place once implemented. New data is brought into the platform and is seamlessly analyzed via existing workflows and new databases can be added without disturbing existing data links. Functions can also be migrated to the cloud and links will stay intact for continued analytics. PetroVisor also completes analytics with artificial intelligence that improves via machine learning. As the software recommends actions that are executed, actual results are compared to expected results, and algorithms are adjusted to improve future forecasts No competing solution offers the ability to integrate all data sources with scale and the flexibility to take in new data and adjust to actual results.

Cost-Effective Implementations

PetroVisor implementations are cost-effective and leverage the customer's SME resources and knowledge base to minimize the burden placed on IT teams. Implementations are typically completed within weeks with only one to two customer personnel. PetroVisor implementation requires significantly less time, personnel, and ultimately investment when compared to other solutions with similar capabilities which require large integration efforts, project teams, and multi-million dollar investments. 

Configurable Workflow Automation

Most technologies require specially trained power or super users or data scientists to realize the system’s full potential. PetroVisor offers P#, a domain-specific language with no equivalent in the industry. The language was built for petroleum engineers, not programmers, to ensure PetroVisor users can quickly query required data sets and output formats. P# understands the units and measurements that are used in the industry and allows powerful integrated spatial queries as well as easy transformations (unit conversions, pivoting, currency changes,etc.). The language uses built in "IntelliSense" to suggest functions and find syntax errors. Training on P# is available during implementation and the language is fully documented for users. Alternatively, the widely used Microsoft R language is fully integrated with native support in PetroVisor for data scientists, technically advanced teams and existing data analytic operations as well.

Intuitive & Easy-to-use

PetroVisor has developed dashboards tailored for each workflow and each user’s expertise and role ensuring the most relevant data and analytics are front and center for each user. The user interface is also customizable so it can be adjusted to the user’s specific preferences ensuring ease of use. The platform prioritizes user experience to allow users of different skill levels the ability to use the system with little to no training. Using modern design principles PetroVisor is uniquely positioned to displace complicated and expensive systems with its powerful but ”simple” interface focused on performing complex operations with as few interactions as possible. PetroVisor can also integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling users from multiple disciplines to work and collaborate in one environment versus multiple siloed workspaces. By operating within Teams, PetroVisor enables rapid cross-discipline review of analytics and opportunities to speed up decision making. Our vision for PetroVisor in Teams is to become the critical and central application where customer decision-making, analytics, and collaboration takes place daily. Our platform leverages up to the minute data to identify problems and opportunities making it the perfect command center for oil and gas producers.

Change Management In Oil & Gas: Steps To Ensure Your Digital Transformation Sticks

Change is not a quick fix, nor is it a temporary solution. For change to be effective, it must be an integral part of a long-term business strategy and tied to quantifiable results. 

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Producing Impactful Results

With PetroVisor, operators are able to streamline workflows by aggregating and integrating data from disparate systems and databases into one cloud-based or on-premise platform that offers built-in applications to complete real-time analytics.



Increasing Operating Netbacks

Lower lifting costs by

Asset 9-3-2

through advanced problem detection and lift optimization using AI and machine learning

Reduce Data Management Costs While Increasing Data Utilization
Typical project implementation of

Asset 101
Reducing the industry norm and saving
hundreds thousands of dollars



Increase Manpower Efficiencies
One European E&P realized a reduction of

Asset234 9-3-1

For all manpower required for well reviews

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