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Infill Drilling Candidate Selection

Use Cases  /  Infill Drilling Candidate Selection


Drill Infill Wells

As a field matures, opportunities arise to drill infill wells and increase recovery and/or accelerate production.


Identify Best Locations

Identifying the best locations for new infill wells takes up engineering time. The exercise needs to be periodically redone because, as the field matures and new data comes in, the expected best infill locations may change

PetroVisor Solution

Automatic, Periodic Ranking

Automatic, periodic ranking of every location in the reservoir for infill drilling, based on considerations including offset production, drainage areas, local reservoir quality and oil in place, risk of unwanted fluid production, and voidage replacement.

Added Value Gained

Increase Production and Recovery

  • At-a-glance, up-to-date view of the best infill drilling locations
  • Increase production and recovery
  • Improve capital allocation
  • Saves time for Engineering team
Use Cases

Customer Success

  • World-class offshore oil field operated by Middle Eastern NOC
  • South American NOC for major brownfield