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Gas Lift Optimization

Use Cases  /  Gas Lift Optimization


Flexibility of Production

Gas lift is frequently applicable for lifting fluids in wells having significant amount of gas produced with the crude oil. The flexibility of production rates and depth of lift can hardly be matched by other methods of artificial lift methods, and it is widely applied in offshore environments.


Increasing Cost 

Difficulties arise from the lack of injection-gas sources, wide well spacing and by the poor compressor maintenance on offshore fields. The cost of gas lift is greatly increasing during the downtime of production due to the listed issues.

PetroVisor Solution

Stability Assessment

Applies gas lift monitoring with stability assessment - two stability criteria (inflow response and pressure-depletion response) are applied for examining stability problems and optimizing ongoing gas lift operations. The solution package also calculates the theoretical injection rate on volumetric gas throughput of an orifice or choke, which can be used to detect multi-injection issues.

Added Value Gained

Track Performance

The packages track the performance of gas lift operation while reducing the amount needed for gas injection and increasing oil production. It serves both problem detection and production optimization purposes.

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • The solution has applications in the Gulf of Mexico