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Data Connections by Datagration

Emission Reduction Value Visualized by Technology Provider for Multiple E&P Operators


The client is dedicated to offering technologies that enhance environmental and financial sustainability at oil and gas well sites. 

Their product portfolio includes an emissions management unit that empowers customers to reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously capturing more valuable gas. The client faced the challenge of demonstrating the value of their technologies through real-world performance data.


In this case study, we explore how a technology provider in the oil industry maximized the potential of Datagration’s EcoVisor SaaS platform to highlight the tangible environmental and financial impacts of their products.

The client leveraged EcoVisor to create operation dashboards and conduct in-depth data analysis. This not only provided their customers with clear, quantifiable benefits of their technologies but also offered invaluable insights into optimizing their equipment for enhanced performance and sustainability.


Data-Driven Evidence: Provide tangible, data-driven evidence of the effectiveness of the client’s vapor management unit and flaring elimination device.

2. Visualization of Benefits: Enable customers to visualize the environmental and financial benefits of the technologies.

3. Operational Insights: Offer insights into the operational performance and optimization potential of the client’s technologies.


Datagration’s EcoVisor

SaaS platform served as the foundation for addressing the client's challenges:

1. Data Connectivity: The platform seamlessly connected to the client’s sales data, customer data, and unit operational data, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated dataset.

2. Operations Dashboards: Developed two operations dashboards to vividly display the effectiveness and impact of the vapor management unit and flaring elimination device.

3. Data Analysis: Leveraged the platform’s native features to conduct data analysis, offering insights into the performance of the technologies.

4. Data Views Feature: Utilized the Data Views feature for a detailed analysis of each vapor management unit, including statistical examination of shutdown events and operational parameters.


The captured gas and avoided CO2 emissions not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also demonstrate a significant economic benefit through the estimated revenue generated for the technology provider's end-use client. Quantitative results highlighted this substantial environmental impact in terms of total gas captured, CO2 equivalent emissions avoided, and additional revenue generated.

In addition to the quantitative achievements, the client successfully addressed its broader business goals:

1. Proving Value Proposition: Client used EcoVisor to prove the value proposition of their vapor management and flaring reduction systems. The quantifiable data on gas capture, CO2e avoidance, and revenue generation served as concrete evidence of the systems' effectiveness.

2. Incorporation into QBRs: Client seamlessly incorporated the customer-facing dashboards into Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with their customers. This integration empowered them to collaboratively investigate operational data in real-time, allowing for a transparent and data-driven discussion about the performance metrics of the system.

By leveraging our platform, the client not only achieved remarkable quantitative results but also transformed the way they engage with customers. The real-time analysis and visualization of performance metrics during QBRs underscore the platform's role in enhancing customer relationships and fostering trust through transparency and data-driven decision-making. This comprehensive approach aligns with the client’s commitment to improving both environmental and financial sustainability for their clients.

In summary, this success story illustrates how our EcoVisor platform empowered a technology provider in the oil & gas industry to not only prove the value of their products through data but also gain insights into operational optimization. The ability to highlight tangible benefits and offer valuable analytics demonstrates the versatility and power of our platform in addressing unique challenges in the oil and environmental sustainability sector.

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