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EcoVisor SaaS Implementation for Waste & Diversion Tracking at Texas Waste Management Company


The client stands as a prominent waste collecting and processing company with a dedicated focus on recycling across multiple material categories. Operating extensively throughout Austin and 300 other cities in Texas, the client boasts a substantial workforce of 1,000 employees. Their operations are characterized by the management of three primary "material streams": recycling, landfill, and compost, resulting in an impressive 92% diversion of waste from landfills. The client is committed to sustainable waste management practices and is continuously seeking innovative solutions to enhance their environmental impact.


The client faced a set of challenges that prompted the need for a comprehensive waste and diversion tracking solution:

  1. Engagement Woes: The client encountered difficulties in effectively engaging their diverse customer base around waste and diversion Key Performance Indicators.
  2. Reporting Discrepancies: The existing reporting system lacked intuitiveness, leading to slow and erratic data processing issues with a reliance on spreadsheet based QAQC systems.
  3. Regional Metrics Complexity: Tracking regional customer metrics proved to be a complex and cumbersome task for the client.

The primary objectives for implementing EcoVisor were aimed at automating integration of data from disparate sources and reporting for the following key areas:

Diversion Report - Monthly Spreadsheet Overview | EcoVisor was deployed to streamline and automate the Diversion Report, focusing on highlighting total waste production through a monthly spreadsheet. The objectives included addressing existing challenges:

  1. Automated Cumulative Data Correction Systems - EcoVisor aimed to overcome the current lack of automated cumulative data correction systems, ensuring more accurate and reliable data representation in the Diversion Report.
  2. Emissions Report - To enhance the reporting capabilities, EcoVisor sought to introduce an emissions report component, providing valuable insights into the environmental impact associated with waste production.
  3. Internal Tracking of Waste Recycled - Efforts were directed towards establishing an efficient internal tracking system for waste recycling, allowing for better monitoring and management of recycling processes within the organization.

Green Builder Card - Compliance with Austin City Ordinance | EcoVisor's objectives extended to the Green Builder Card, aligning with Austin city ordinances that mandated 50% of all construction and demolition waste to be recycled. Similar challenges to those encountered in the Diversion Report were identified:

  1. Material Stream Tracking - EcoVisor aimed to address the challenges related to unreliable tracking of "additional" material streams associated with the Green Builder Card, ensuring more accurate and comprehensive reporting.
  2. Cumulative Reporting - To provide a holistic overview, EcoVisor intended to introduce a cumulative reporting feature, enabling the client to monitor the progress and compliance over time effectively.

These objectives were strategically designed to not only automate the data integration and reporting processes but also to overcome specific challenges within the Diversion Report and Green Builder Card, contributing to a more efficient and environmentally conscious waste management system.



In response to these challenges, the client decided to implement EcoVisor, marking their first foray into a comprehensive waste and diversion tracking system.

Customized P# scripts, workflows, and dashboards were meticulously designed, following a structured workspace building process.

Unique challenges, such as establishing an updating SQL server with power automation, conducting research from the EPA website, and converting addresses to latitude/longitude, were successfully navigated.

The implementation also included an automated dashboard delivery system, with specific dashboards tailored to different customer types, including school boards, Q2 Stadium, and the general public.


The results of the EcoVisor implementation were impactful across various dimensions:

Customer Engagement

EcoVisor found immediate adoption by significant entities such as Austin ISD, San Marcos CISD, and Q2 Stadium. Both AISD and Q2 Stadium actively utilized the dashboards, integrating them into their websites. The potential for further use in the education sector was identified, with plans to add more customers later in the year.

Internally Useful Reports

The dashboards created proved to be instrumental for the client’s compliance team, aiding in the proofreading of other reports. The sales team leveraged the dashboards for advertising, while executives found them valuable for company monitoring.

Client Feedback

The client expressed satisfaction with the dashboard's organization and understanding of the project's gradual progress. Executives noted that the company was significantly ahead of its competitors, crediting the success to the seamless automation from data source to dashboard.

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