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Digitalization with Microsoft Teams & PetroVisor™

A Datagration™ Whitepaper

General Overview

Shifting to a remote work environment brings new challenges. According to Harvard Business Review, remote workers often find information difficult to locate – requiring added time and effort. The study found that remote workers also perform better when richer technologies such as video and messaging tools are introduced for increased mutual knowledge and, in turn, reduce reliance on email. A common platform is essential to improve work efficiency between individuals and groups whether they are in the office, working from home, or at a remote location.

Datagration has developed a unique team collaboration software platform that helps oil and gas companies work together effectively when employees are dispersed. Integrating the PetroVisor platform with Microsoft Teams, a popular toolset used by many oil and gas operators, data and workflows can be securely shared. Leveraging existing infrastructure for collaboration eliminates training on new tools and does not require funding for additional software.

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Digitalization With Microsoft Teams & PetroVisor™