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July 13th | 10:00AM CT


Optimize your completion designs using MVR/ML to achieve the optimal economic scenario based on your desired outcomes.

Meet The Speakers

George V

George Voneiff

Senior Vice President of Unconventional

Michael Whitney

Product Champion

Take comfort in achieving economics-based completion optimization without sacrificing technical sophistication.

Data QA / QC

Use interactive maps, graphs, and tables to quickly understand the quality and quantity of available data to be used for predictive model training. You decide which datasets are relevant to your completion optimization.

Well Cost Model

The Well Cost Model predicts the drilling & completion cost for a well using both historical and forward-looking financials such as your commodity price deck. Thus, as the completion design changes, the well cost changes.

Single & Multi-Well Economics

You decide the suitable economic parameters for optimization. A standard oilfield 40-year monthly cash flow analysis is conducted on every permutation in the Completion Design Matrix. The production type curve from the Type Curve Builder is combined with the well cost, fixed, and variable operating costs, abandonments costs, gathering and transportation fees, NGL fractions, commodity price decks, etc. to perform the economic analysis. When available, utilize internal accounting system data for operating and well costs.

Automated Predictive Model Training

Select the appropriate completion, spacing, and geologic parameters for automatically training MVR/ML models to predict well performance. Extensive petroleum and data science domain expertise is embedded in the automated workflows to provide useful models without expert intervention. Expert users have complete access and flexibility to modify default training settings for custom configurations.

MVR/ML Trained Production Type Curve Builder

Use trained MVR/ML models to predict 40-year monthly production forecasts for a given completion design at a given location.  Models can be trained to predict IP90 and EUR and then converted into 40-yr monthly production forecasts by modifying local zero-time average production curves from existing nearby and/or analogous wells. 

Completion Design Matrix

You decide the ranges of completion and geologic parameters for evaluation of potential completion designs. Every combination of parameters is evaluated, often resulting in thousands or tens of thousands of potential completion designs to include spacing and geologic parameters.

Resources From Datagration™

Learn more about the businesses that are using PetroVisor to make data-driven decisions. The resources below show how E&P companies have used the platform to boost operational netbacks, investment efficiencies, and productivity.


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