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Datagration is proud to announce its participation in the distinguished SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition, taking place at P&J Live in Aberdeen, Scotland. We cordially invite you to our technical presentation, "Deep Insight Into Electrical Submersible Pump Maintenance: A Predictive Approach With Deep Learning."

Authored by Datagration's experts Ramez Abdalla, Denis Nikolaev, David Gonczi, Roman Manasipov, and Michael Stundner, this paper casts a spotlight on the important role that artificial lift systems play within the complex oil and gas landscape.

Discover how deep learning algorithms is revolutionizing traditional maintenance protocols by proactively identifying performance anomalies and averting critical failures. The paper delineates a systematic framework for the construction of predictive models, providing invaluable assistance to engineering and operational teams through a meticulously orchestrated alarm system. This proactive mechanism facilitates swift, well-calibrated decision-making, effectively mitigating operational downtime and safeguarding production yields.

Join us at Technical Session 6: Digital Operations, at 11:30 AM to learn more about ESP Maintenance with PetroVisor!

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Post by Datagration™
August 8, 2023