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Previewing Datagration's Presence at SPE ALCE 2024

Datagration is gearing up to exhibit and showcase its AI-driven approaches to artificial lift production optimization at the upcoming SPE ALCE 2024 event, set to take place in The Woodlands, Texas, from August 20–22. Under the conference theme of "Harmonizing Horizons: Navigating Generational Dynamics in the Artificial Lift Community," Datagration will exhibit its cutting-edge technologies and discuss their integration into artificial lift operations for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

A key highlight of Datagration's participation will be the potential presentation of a technical paper titled "Physics-informed Reinforcement Learning for Motor Frequency Optimization in Electrical Submersible Pumps" within the Session: 4 Machine Learning and AI in Artificial Lift. This paper, currently and alternate, will showcase Datagration's innovative approach to optimizing motor frequency in ESPs through the fusion of physics-based models and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Datagration's presence at SPE ALCE 2024 promises to provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest advancements in artificial lift production optimization, reinforcing the company's commitment to driving industry innovation and efficiency.

Post by Datagration™
April 11, 2024