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Datagration's Presence At The 4th EAGE Digitalization Conference And Exhibition

Datagration is pleased to announce the participation of key team members - David Gonczi, Denis Nikolaev, and Ramez Abdalla - at the 4th EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition in Paris, France, scheduled from March 25th to 27th, 2024.

Adapting to Change: Navigating the Digital Shift in Energy

The conference theme, "Digital - Delivering Better Energy in a Transforming World," aligns with Datagration's commitment to staying ahead in an ever-changing energy landscape. Our PetroVisor SaaS platform stands as a practical solution to address uncertainties by facilitating data-driven decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

PetroVisor SaaS: Empowering Geoscience Projects with Data and Technology

PetroVisor SaaS remains at the forefront, offering tools and workflows essential for quicker decision-making and efficient investment strategies. In a time where the industry is urged to embrace the digital revolution, PetroVisor becomes a reliable ally, aiding in decision management and contributing to development efficiency goals.

Collaboration for Progress: Showcasing Technical Papers with Industry Partners

Datagration's commitment to collaboration is reflected in three technical papers two of which are co-authored with our clients:

  1. Machine Learning Driven Problem Detection for Production Optimization - Well Cease to Flow Prediction: Developed in collaboration with ADNOC Onshore, this paper explores machine learning applications for enhancing well production optimization.
  2. Optimizing Waterflooding in Multi-Agent Systems through Decentralized Actor-Centralized Critic Reinforcement Learning: This paper discusses approaches to optimization of waterfloods.
  3. Automated Data Cleansing and Integrity for Enhanced Gas Production Analysis: In collaboration with Origem Energia, this paper addresses the importance of automated data cleansing in the context of virtual flow metering.

Join the Conversation: Welcome to Paris!

Join the discussion and explore the possibilities of digitalization in the energy sector. The conference is an opportunity to learn, share insights, and connect with professionals navigating similar challenges.

To be part of this engaging experience, register and attend the 4th EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition. Let's meet in Paris to collectively shape the future of energy: Register Here.

Datagration is enthusiastic about being part of the ongoing digital transformation in the energy sector and looks forward to meaningful discussions and connections in Paris. See you there!

Post by Datagration™
March 12, 2024