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Michael Stundner

In Memoriam


Michael, with over 30 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, was widely recognized as a reservoir and production professional, inventor, and entrepreneur. He served as the Executive VP of Technology at Datagration Solutions Inc., overseeing the upstream integration platform technology PetroVisor and customer success, managing customer projects globally, and implementing a growth strategy for the PetroVisor platform business.

From 1997 until his passing, Michael dedicated himself to developing artificial intelligence solutions and technology that were successfully implemented in digital oilfield projects worldwide, spanning countries such as Norway, Mexico, Brazil, and Kuwait. Between 2004 and 2010, he assumed the role of Global Product & Marketing Manager for Schlumberger, following the sale of his company, Decision Team-Software GmbH, to the multinational corporation.

Michael also served as the Managing Partner & CEO of myr:conn solutions GmbH, contributing to the development of innovative PetroVisor software technologies and Cloud Computing solutions. Clients appreciated him as a trusted advisor, leveraging workflow automation, collaborative environments, and advisory tools to enhance production operations. His research, presented in numerous papers, industry conferences, workshops, and forums, resulted in several patents.

In May 2020, Datagration Solutions Inc. acquired myr:conn solutions GmbH, solidifying Michael Stundner's legacy in the industry. He held an MSc. Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Mining University Leoben, Austria, graduating in 1988.



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