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Ike Epley

Ike Epley

Vice Chairman


John Isaac “Ike” Epley (56) most recently put together the investor group and acquired Datagration Solutions, Inc. (previously named MyrConn Solutions, GmbH - the Austrian legal entity now owned by Datagration Solutions). Ike is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Datagration Solutions is a software platform specializing in the digitization of disparate databases in the oil and gas industry. DSI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce more hydrocarbons from the reservoir.  Prior to Datagration, Ike founded and was Chairman, President and CEO of Resurgence Resources Group, LLC in January 2017 was created to take advantage of new technology to recomplete and refrac oil and gas wells in various basins.

Prior to founding he was Managing Director of Deerpath Capital L.P. and Basin Holdings, L.P. where he focused on investments in the oil and gas industry and had an operating role at various times for Basin Holdings. Prior to Ike’s roles at Deerpath and Basin, for 15 years, Ike was Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Wellogix, Inc., an international software provider for upstream oil and gas operations and leading early software technology company in the industry. Prior to these roles, Ike worked in the private equity and investment banking industry.  He has been on the board of several operating companies and advised private equity firms on investing in the oil and gas and technology businesses.

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