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Franz Führer

Franz Führer

Director of Customer Solutions


Franz Fuehrer serves as Datagration’s Director of Customer Solutions and is responsible for the engineering team's implementing solutions and also the technical communication and advisory with Datagration customers.

Franz started his career with Decision Team, working on the product DECIDE! for the oil and gas industry. Decision Team was acquired by Schlumberger, where Franz could expand his expertise into various fields beyond software development. He was involved in consulting engagements with clients, understanding of production engineering business processes and integrating them into value-creating IO/DOF/AO software systems and solutions globally. He also assisted and advised technical teams on the solution architecture of such IO/DOF/AO software systems and solutions. The design, implementation, and deployment of Decision Support System for Digital Oilfield (DOF)/Integrated Operations (IO) is also an area of expertise he achieved over the years working for Schlumberger. Recently, Franz was working as a Product Owner, responsible for the development of Schlumberger DELFI cloud services for production data ingestion, orchestration of physical and virtual data and its consumption through a data model.

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