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Bryant Mueller

Senior Vice President of Sales, Western Hemisphere

Bryant is Datagration’s Senior Vice President of Sales for the Western Hemisphere. Bryant started his career as a production and drilling engineer for Unocal in South Texas and Louisiana. He has spent the last 25+ years leading and coaching teams in the development, marketing, and selling of digital technology solutions in upstream, midstream, and downstream markets. Bryant was US Operations Manager of Baker Jardine & Associates when it was acquired by SLB in 2001. At SLB SIS, he held various leadership positions in R&D, Marketing, and Sales, including Global Vice President of Sales and Consulting. He was the US Operations Manager of Aclaro before it was acquired by Aucerna. At Halliburton Landmark, Bryant held leadership positions in R&D, eLearning, and North America Sales. Most recently, at AspenTech, he led North America Sales and was named Global Sales Director of the Year and President's Club Winner.

Bryant has been an active volunteer with the Society of Petroleum Engineers for more than 25 years and has held leadership and Board of Directors roles at the sectional, regional, and International levels. He has been honored with several awards and is currently Chairman of the SPE ATCE Startup Village.

Bryant earned a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa, where he is a member of the athletic hall of fame and currently serves as Vice President of the Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board.

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