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Behind Casing Opportunities

Use Cases  /  Behind Casing Opportunities


Potential Opportunities

Wells will often intersect several oil and gas layers that could potentially be put into production. Over the entire well stock of an operator, this represents a significant number of opportunities, with implications for the value of the field, future production volumes and workover planning.


Wasted Time

Evaluating this many opportunities and keeping them up to date takes up a lot of engineering time, if it is attempted at all.

PetroVisor Solution

Automatic, Periodic Evaluations

  • Automatic, periodic evaluations of each of these opportunities by estimating its production potential from offsets producing from the same layer, just as a petroleum engineer would do manually.
  • These forecasts can be enhanced using feature extraction and machine learning techniques – to incorporate reservoir and other data that have proved predictive of production performance.
Added Value Gained

Saves Time

  • At-a-glance, up-to-date inventory of this type of opportunities which are a significant part of an asset’s value
  • Accelerate production
  • Improve capital allocation
  • Plan future production and workover activity
  • Saves time for Engineering team
Use Cases

Customer Success

  • World-class offshore oil field operated by Middle Eastern NOC