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Anomaly Detection of Pumps and Surface Facilities

Use Cases  / Anomaly Detection of Pumps and Surface Facilities


Several Key Performance Indicators

The term involves several key performance indicators starting data from surface facilities through sub-surface related metrics.


Identify Data Points

Anomaly detection identifies data points that deviate from normal behavior. However, understanding what causes anomalous data is critical to properly detect issues and apply mitigation plans.
PetroVisor Solution

Detect Anomalies in Production

The developed solutions applying user-defined threshold values and screen the changing performance of the examined entity, while detecting anomalies in production or equipment related data using empirical and machine learning techniques.

Added Value Gained

Downtime Reduction

The solutions support fast, moderate and slow loop optimization purposes, resulting downtime reduction and performance enhancement.

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • The solution has applications in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Major European operator with more than 200 brownfields
  • Major Middle East National Company for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world