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A data lake is a beautiful and exciting step forward in looking at data for advanced data science. The idea of having all of your raw data aggregated into a single area where you can do analysis and develop predictive models using any statistical or machine learning method available seems like every data person's fantasy.

Although it may be difficult, businesses should not abandon their older systems just yet. This post will go through how the PetroVisor Platform may supplement your current investments in your data lake by being seamlessly integrated so that every user within your business has instant access to all of their data.

Several aspects should be examined before investing in a new data platform, including current hardware investments, past analytics methods, and financial commitment. However, there may be instances when a corporation has already invested considerable resources in its first platform and does not want or need to make a significant investment in a new platform.

A modern data platform may readily interact with an existing data lake in an E&P company to deliver the benefits of a data lake, such as self-service access and the elimination of data silos. Building on top of an existing platform allows your organization to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Updated Variation

We've already explored the advantages of a data lake, but most likely not in the context of any existing data platforms. Databases are excellent for getting ad hoc information, but they are expensive to set up and maintain. That's where a data lake comes in; you can build a self-service warehouse that consumes your raw transactional data to create an agile, scalable platform for analyzing all forms of business-critical data. This strategy disregards the time required to prepare your systems for ingestion and the technology previously invested in other approaches such as databases or business intelligence tools. This makes decision-makers either frustrated or wondering, "Where do I begin?"

PetroVisor is the first value creation platform for upstream oil and gas that effortlessly connects into your data lake to allow self-service access. PetroVisor is a hybrid data management solution that combines the most refined relational, columnar, and object-based concepts to handle vast amounts of data in a massively parallel and distributed environment.

In summary, a modern data platform can easily interact with a data lake in an E&P company to give the benefits of a data lake, such as self-service access, data governance, and data silos elimination. PetroVisor integrates seamlessly into current infrastructures, allowing all users to have rapid access to their data without worrying about segregated datasets or software license expenses

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Efe E.
Post by Efe E.
February 28, 2022