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In this first Q&A, we get to know more about Datagration’s strategic plan to overhaul the Eastern Hemisphere and Brazil from Frederico Justus, who is based in Abu Dhabi and leads the company’s Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Brazil operations as EVP of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and with a specialization in Strategic Marketing from Stanford, he has been working in the oil and gas industry since 1998. After 12 years working for Schlumberger, mainly in Latin America, he then worked for Weatherford in Germany as VP of Europe, then VP of Africa, and later he moved to Dubai to work as President of the Mid-East and Asia, Eastern Hemisphere, and finally all of the International Operations.

 Q: What does your day-to-day strategy based in Abu Dhabi look like?

We are on the edge of a breakthrough and on track to expand in the Middle East. Datagration is very active with a large oil company in the United Arab Emirates. We are also starting to work in Kuwait, plus a few operators in Iraq, and we are in talks with operators in Qatar and Bahrain. There is a race for technology in the Middle East and what we are bringing to the table fits perfectly with the leaders' vision in the region. It’s a match – they understand the power of automation, are eager to change, and are ready to adopt new technology.

Q: Great news. What about Brazil?

There is a promising new onshore market in Brazil, which we are tapping into with a partner available on the ground. Many new onshore operators acquired acreage and could merge and manage all their assets’ data into our unified data model and ready-to-go apps. We expect our business to grow there soon.

Q: Sounds like a tailored fit. How are you faring in Europe?

Europe and the North Sea are very important markets for us. In Norway, we are in talks with a major operator and are confident we will strike a deal. In addition, Datagration is open for business in the U.K. We see huge potential to offer our unique integrated data solution to operators in different oil-producing regions. Thanks to our technology, we offer a solution so clients can save money, produce more, and manage their assets better with fewer resources.

Q: The North Sea is a booming market. Which other novel technologies is Datagration working on?

 Recently, Datagration led an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) demo for a large player in Abu Dhabi. The ESG application built on top of the PetroVisor Unified Data Model (UDM) is very convenient for our clients because it is integrated into the exploration and production application, and companies can cross-analyze their data to adhere to industry standards and local regulations successfully. The company wants the ESG application to be the operating backbone of an integrated operating center they will develop in Abu Dhabi.

Q: Good – more and more operators are seeing the value of ESG to meet best practices. What else do you think operators should know?

 If you do business, as usual, you will not improve your lifting costs – you need technology like ours to take your production to the next level. Some clients do not believe we do what we do when we offer our integrated product, but once they see what they can accomplish and see the value of adopting Datagration, they go for it. Many operators see Datagration’s power – it’s a straightforward SaaS model.

Post by Datagration™
August 7, 2022