March 2023 Updates

New Features: 


  • Added the ability to save data when using the Combined filter for the numeric static and text static signals.


  • Updated the flow to create scenarios easily by adding the option to import data from P# scripts or Data Integrations.

  • Data Integrations - Added the ability to import data into scenarios through a data integration in a workflow.



  • Added a warning to help prevent users from running large scripts that will not render.   This feature works on multiple items, such as tables.
  • Added a warning icon alerting user that the workflow will execute multiple times if they select an override entity set, override scope, and select multiple contexts.


  • Added the ability to copy the description of an item.


  • Pages now have ellipses that have options, Edit Description, Manage Labels, Delete.  The ellipses will also show other options available with the item.



  • Added the ability to search by alias.

  • Data Grid - added the ability to view 3D grids on the map.  Feature is available through the ellipse.
  • Data Grid - change settings and filters for the grid.



  • For Binary and Multiple Classification model types, the Single Variable Effect, ICE and PDP plots now have choice of different probabilities to display for classification and clustering models in post-training statistics. 

  • Playground was updated with the following changes:  
    • When the model is new and not trained, the Playground tab is not shown.
    • When the model is saved, the Playground uses the saved data
    • When the model is trained, and training results are available then the Playground tab uses the model from the selected training result in the results grid (similar to the behavior of post-training.)



  • Aligned start/end date formats of scopes based on the increment.

  • Added scope steps (Time and Depth Steps) when showing the scope details.


  • Added the ability to override the hierarchy at the workflow schedule level.

  • On Data Integration activities, we added the option to Add Scenario straight from the drop-down list to make the process easier for the client.

Data Model


  • Added a new Databricks connection.


  • Sources - Added a clear selection button in the Region drop down. 
  • Sources - Expanded the regional dropdown list.
  • Tables - Added a clear selection button in the Hierarchies drop down. 
  • Tables - Added the ability to search contents.  An example would be to search for a specific P# function.

  • Added the ability to export out entity and signal mappings.


Workspace Settings

  • Files - When uploading a file that is already there, it will give you a prompt if you want to overwrite it.
  • Workspace Values - Added the ability to paste from your clipboard into Dictionary workspace values.

Workspace Documentation

  • Ability to link directly to the item by clicking on the name.


  • Added a Auto Format option to the right click menu of P# scripts. This tries to format the P# script according to our best practices / guidelines.

Cloud Admin

  • Ability to disable a workspace.  This feature will stop all workflow schedules.  
  • Reference Tables can be built with multiple types of data and columns, eg. String and numeric.
  • Permissions - Users with View Permissions to Blob files will have the Import Datagrids button disabled.
  • Permissions - Users with View Permissions to Data Integrations will not be able to run data integrations.
  • Packages - When removing packages pop up now specifies that it will delete data from workspace.
  • Packages - When installing a new package, added the ability to compare the package to what's installed in the workspace already.