Overview of Tables

View Data in a table format and prepare data for visualization tools.

To view the data as a table, select table under Build in the Navigation Column. 

Under Tables, the user can



Create a new table

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To Add a table select the green Add Table button on the top right.

Name the Table.

To create a table, three sections are needed, Table Columns, Entity Set, and Scope.

The table columns can be typed to built using the Expression Builder.  The Expression Builder is on the top right of the screen.

For each column, add the expression.  The example below shows adding the well name as a column.  

Select Add Expression to add.

Continue to add expressions.  The table below shows Well Name with Latitude and Longitude.

Select the Entity Set.  The example below shows all active wells from the expression builder.

For the Scope, Expression builder or load can be used.  The example shows "Load."

Notice after selecting it populates the scope.

Select Save & Generate to save the table and view it.  

To view, select View Saved.

Select a table

After selecting a table, the user can see different information.

  • Name - name of table
  • Last Saved - date last saved
  • Hierarchy - hierarchy used in table
  • Parents - parents of entity if applicable
  • Tags - classified events of a specific entity
  • Entity Type - table will populate entity type
  • Alias - table will populate alias if applicable
  • Opportunity - table will populate true if entity is an oppurtunity
  •  Options
    • Use P# script execution - use a script to execute the table
    • Skip Empty Rows - skip rows that are empty
    • Append Saved Data - append data with a later start date than the original start date, also works for steps per increment to generate tables with large sources of data

The user can see the table code

The Entity Sets associated with the table along with a map to visualize the location.

The Scope of the table

The Expression Builder is available to quickly build expressions.

The user can also load prebuild tables and modify as required.