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Reactivation and Shut In/Underperformance Advisory

Use Cases  /  Reactivation And Shut In/Underperformance Advisory


Surprise Well Production Halt

Wells will often stop producing (or produce at a reduced rate), often by surprise. Every operator's top objective is to meet production targets, but doing so necessitates bringing wells back as soon as possible, with the best ones returning first. This is especially true in mature fields where, with an increase in well count, a lot of wells stop production or are shut-in due to certain problems. Also, a lot of wells may perform poorly and reduce the company's profitability.



Reactivation of inactive wells is a key objective for the asset team and requires a thorough and methodical approach for evaluating and identifying opportunities. With a high well count, this becomes more difficult and many good candidates may go unseen or not prioritized. The same is true for poor producers, who are not economically beneficial and need to be shut-in.

PetroVisor Solution

Prevent Future Shut-In

The Production Optimization App recommends wells where workover/intervention actions, rig or rigless, (e.g. stimulation, N2 kick-off, water control, etc.) may activate currently shut-in wells which are economically profitable. The wells are ranked based on technical and financial metrics, including their historical issues, production, and reservoir potential. In addition, the solution identifies poor, underperforming wells that have reached the end of their life due to insufficient hydrocarbon potential or integrity issues.

Added Value Gained

Higher Production

Higher field production, less downtime and deferred production. Automatically analyze and rank wells for reactivation and shut-in based on production potential or requirements for reactivation relative to cost, expense, and market pricing.