Use Cases: Shutin Risk Scoring

Shutin Risk Scoring

Use Cases  /  Shutin Risk Scoring


Surprise Well Production Halt

Wells will often stop producing (or produce at a reduced rate), often by surprise. Reaching production targets is every operator’s top objective, but to do so means bringing wells back ASAP and the best ones first.


Reactive Mode

Operators tend to be in reactive mode, not having seen the problem coming, not already having a workover plan in place, not having clarity on which wells are worth being focused on first (a low producer may seem like a low priority, while it can be a high producer in disguise).

PetroVisor Solution

Prevent Future Shut-In

PetroVisor identifies wells where remedial action (e.g. pump adjustment) could prevent a future shut-in, or where deteriorating production can be restored (water or gas shutoff, casing leaks, scale buildup, …). The wells are ranked according to how much (risked) production is being lost or at risk.

Added Value Gained

Higher Production

Higher field production, less downtime and deferred production.
Use Cases

Customer Success

Major Middle East National Company for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world.