Use Cases: Reservoir Property Prediction

Reservoir Property Prediction

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Time-Consuming Task

Characterization of the reservoir is very time-consuming task, which requires expertise of many engineers.


No Direct Measurements

  • Reservoir properties are measured only at the well locations, while reservoir model requires continuous spatial distribution of the properties for description of the reservoir behavior.
  • For many petrophysical properties there are no direct measurements, therefore the necessary correlations should be derived.
PetroVisor Solution

Calculate Production Rate

This package calculates production rates based on field available data, e.g. by using virtual flow meters (physical models, ML models), or by artificial lift data (Dynamometer card data, ESP data), etc.

Added Value Gained

Reduce Error Sources

This process replaces all calculation done in spreadsheets which reduces error sources leading to more consistent production reporting and more accurate financial calculations. It helps to perform rate estimate with limited field data available on real time (VFM concept).

Use Cases

Customer Success

  • Small African operator
  • European operator