Production Summary

The Production Summary Dashboard purpose is to visualize production.


There are five (5) tabs associated with the Production Summary Dashboard

  • Production Roll-up
  • Cross-Plots
  • Spacing, Rates and Categories
  • Vintage Charts
  • Table Data



After sorting to different data sets, the Reset button will bring the dashboard back to the original data set.

Time Slicer

The Time Slicer tool can visualize production over time as well as sort to a specific period of time.

View by Operator

Select an operator, formation or specific well.

View by Formation

View by formation.

Gas Charts vs Oil Charts

View graphs by gas or oil using the toggle.

Production Roll-Up

Aggregated Historic and Forecast Production

Overtime, this graph shows how production is trending compared to the forecast.  The forecast can be either the PetroVisor DCA or the client provided DCA.

Vintaged Oil Production

This graph shows production over specific years.

Average Production Rate Bubble Map

The map shows the location of wells for the production summary.  Wells will appear larger if they produce more.


These charts show each well by comparing different variables.  Each graph represents a different way to visualize data over time.

Spacing, Rates and Categories

This tab is specifically used to compare different fields.  To drill down on a specific area, select it from the pie chart.

Vintage Charts

These graphs visualize wells that were completed in a specific year and the DCA for the year they were completed.  Selecting a specific formation will filter all the graphs on a page.

If a chart has no data, no wells were completed in that year.

Table Data

This tab displays the data used to visualize the other tabs.