How do I filter the data that users can view within the PowerBI in PetroVisor?

This article describes how to manage the data sets seen by different users.

There are two steps to manage a user group's dataset access.  The first is in the PetroVisor Admin Page and the other is in the PowerBI desktop app.

PetroVisor Admin User Groups

User Groups are used to filter datasets in PowerBI (as described below).  Users may be assigned to user groups within the PetroVisor admin page in one of two ways, either by managing the users within a group or by managing a user's list of user groups.

Navigate to the PetroVisor Admin Page.  Select a Workspace by clicking on the Workspace.  

To manage user groups and their users

Click on the User Groups link to the right, in the Security box.

Click Add or click on a user group to manage the list of users

To manage a user's list of user groups

Select the User Management tab from the Navigation Panel.

On the side panel, select User Groups.

Select every group that user is a part of.  These changes will allow the user to only see select filters in the PowerBI filters in PetroVisor.

Managing datasets for each user group in PowerBI

Example of filter in PowerBI desktop app.  When reports are created, the dashboard engineer can create filters on the dataset that match the user group names.  Users within each user group would only be able to see the data that is configured for their user group(s).

PowerBI Access Management

PowerBI can assign roles.  In order to assign roles, the user must have a PowerBI license. 

To understand more on Power BI roles, please see the Microsoft Management site:

Understanding Power BI administrator roles - Power BI | Microsoft Docs