How do I track what was done in Workspaces?

PetroVisor logs all activities performed on a workspace in the Workspace Logs. These can be accessed via the Client Tool -> Logs or the Server Tool: Workspaces->Content->Logs.

Note: Server Logs (accessible via the Server Tool only) log other information, such as workflow scheduling or execution statuses.

The Workspace Log window features following functionalities:

  • filter for Log Category
  • filter for Log Severity
    • Alarm
    • Debug
    • Error
    • Information
    • Warning
  • Last: set the displayed Number of log entries. By default, the last 200 entries are displayed. This number can be edited.
  • filter according to the time range:  Log entries can be filtered according to a specific time range, select the start and end date/time.
  • Button Columns: sets the displayed columns in the Workspace Log window:
    • Workflow
    • Schedule
    • Activity
    • End
    • Entity
    • Signal
    • Unit
    • Tag
    • #
    • Before
    • After
    • Elapses
  • Button Search: allows to search for a term in the log content sections.
  • Button Refresh: re-loads the Workspace Logs window.
  • Button Live! can be toggled to enable or disable automatic appending of new log messages using Communication service. When the connection to the service is not available, the button is disabled.