How do I define where new entities should be added to hierarchies?

The Entities Utilities Page in the Sources section of PetroVisor defines where newly mapped entities should be added to hierarchies.

After connecting to data in PetroVisor, the data needs to be extracted and mapped to specific Entities and Signals.

To add Connections, see article How do connections work in PetroVisor? (

To add Source Mappings, see article How do I map data in PetroVisor? (

In PetroVisor, Sources can be found in the Sources tab of the Navigation Panel. 

Select the source from the list on the left of the screen and then select Entities.

To add to the hierarcy, select "Add Mapping."

Select the Hierarchy from the drop-down menu and enter in the Query Information.

Select "Preview Data" to ensure the right data is being pulled into PetroVisor.

If the user is satisfied with the preview, select "Add."

To edit a hierarchy, select the hierarchy from the list and then select "Edit."